Pantomimes by Peter Webster

Peter WebsterDuring my time as an active member of Faringdon Dramatic Society (actor, set builder, director, curtain puller etc., etc.) I have written twelve pantomimes. Seven of the titles are published by, and obtainable from, Josef Weinberger and two published by Beercott Books. They have been tried and tested in public performances by my local drama group and performed by other societies as far away as New Zealand.

The pantomimes have been written with the aim of providing a show which is enjoyable for both audience and cast and which is simple and affordable to stage by theatre groups with limited facilities and resources. There is, however, plenty of scope for spectacular scenery and effects according to budgets and imagination.

Each script contains all the traditional elements of pantomime, following storylines true to the original but with an added twist. Suggestions are made for music, but the final choice is down to the director. While there is plenty of scope for traditional 'business', the scripts do not rely on this as clear plot lines run through each pantomime.

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Whether you choose one of my scripts or someone else's - good luck with your next production. Break a leg!