Puss In Boots

The Ogre is questioning the meaning of life; he has everything but is still bored. One of his creatures suggests that the Ogre should take a bride; the idea is accepted and plans are laid to take possession of both the neighbouring kingdom and the King's daughter. Meanwhile the miller's wife, Milly, is trying to make sense of her late husband's will. The greedy eldest sons, Wayne and Shane, are left the lion's share; the youngest son, Michael, is only left Tom, the mill cat. Michael is not amused until Maleficent, the local witch, enables Tom to talk and to think of a plan to make their fortune.

Knowing the King's predilection for fur and feather, Tom traps a rabbit which he presents to the King as a present from his master, the Marquis of Carabas. Later, Milly, Tom and the family try to make a cake to present to the King, with predictable results; Maleficent arrives and hatches a plan with Tom to obtain the fine clothes Michael will need in order to pose as the Marquis.

This is overheard by the Ogre's creatures; they report back to their master, who swears to beat Maleficent and Tom at their own game. Tom and Maleficent explain their plan to Michael, in the process bribing the local farmworkers to say that the Marquis owns the land they work. The plan is carried out successfully and Michael convinces all and sundry that he is indeed a marquis; Michael asks for the Princess's hand, only to be interrupted by the arrival of the Ogre and his creatures. Tom tricks the Ogre into changing into a mouse, seizes and kills him. Michael is awarded the Ogre's castle and lands and the Princess, the Ogre's creatures are released from their slavery and all ends happily.

Twelve principles, six speaking and non-speaking cameo parts, plus a chorus of rabbits, creatures, farm workers and courtiers.

Eleven scenes, with three main setting augmented with other items of scenery to create the necessary effects.