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Babes In The WoodThe King and Queen have to make a tour of their royal realm and make the mistake of leaving both their kingdom and the Prince and Princess in the hands of the scheming Count. Their day-to-day care is left with their nurse, Mrs Custard-Pigh and the children's fairy godmother. Robin of Locksley steps in to warn the King and Queen that the Count is plotting against them, but is banished for his pains.

No sooner have the King and Queen left on their travels, than the Count puts his plans into action by hiring two villains, Messrs Rough and Ready, neither of whom would be a success on Master Mind. Their plans are overheard by Marian, the maid, who with Mrs Custard-Pigh escapes with the children into the forest.

Once the escape is discovered, Rough and Ready set off in pursuit. The escapees have encounters with various forest creatures, while Rough and Ready are frightened out of their remaining wits by moving trees. When Rough and Ready eventually catch up, there is a chase where the children get separated and fall into the clutches of a witch, while Marian and Mrs Custard-Pigh are captured by Robin's incompetent outlaw band. 

Act two opens with Marian and Robin planning how they might save the situation, with an opportunity to send up 'Old Shep' for all it is worth. (Don't ask!) While they and the outlaws go into action, Rough and Ready report back to the Count, not quite giving him the whole story; the Count thinks that he is now safe.

The last two scenes show how the children outwit the witch, the King and Queen return from their travels, the Count is confronted with his crimes, brought to book and all is happily resolved.

Thirteen principles, cameo speaking and non-speaking parts and a chorus of courtiers and outlaws.

Seven scenes in all, but with only two main settings, augmented with other items of scenery to create the necessary effects.