Where to buy and try

Babes in the Wood/Dick Turpin (One volume) ISBN 0856762261
Jack and the Beanstalk
Peter Panto ISBN 0856762210
The Pied Piper ISBN 0856762369
The Snow Queen

All the above are available from:
Josef Weinberger Ltd
12-14 Mortimer Street
London W1N 7RD

Telephone: 0207 580 2827
Fax: 0181 563 5801

e-mail: general.info@jwmail.co.uk
Website: www.josef-weinberger.com

Enquiries for scripts and licenses should be made to Josef Weinberger Ltd

For the following:

Arthur's Adventure or 'Merlin to the Rescue’
Dick Whittington
Puss In Boots
One Act Plays

Please e-mail me at enquiries@petepanto.co.uk for information on fees and perusal scripts or any other enquiries.